Karen N. Conneely, Ph.D.

Department of Human Genetics

Phone: 404-727-2986

Email: kconnee@emory.edu


My research focuses on statistical methods for detecting genetic and epigenetic variation associated with complex traits. Through the development of novel techniques and the application of existing ones, my work seeks to 1) identify biomarkers and variants predisposing to disease, and 2) explore the role of DNA methylation as a mediator between environment and phenotype. As part of my involvement in a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of type 2 diabetes and numerous candidate gene studies, I developed statistical methods and software to adjust for multiple testing in large-scale genetic association studies and meta-analyses. My lab also develops and applies statistical methods for detecting epigenetic variation associated with complex traits. A current focus is the relationship between multiple epigenetic mechanisms, gene expression, and human aging, with particular interest in the evolutionary origins of this relationship and its contribution to risk for age-related disease.